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Our Approach

User-First Design

While most companies start with a solution then try to find a problem it solves, Iterative Search focuses on accurately redefining the problem, then identifying the right solution for that problem.

Larry has been studying search user behaviors for 30 years and only now has the technology evolved enough to support a better search experience. We conducted generative, observational user research to more accurately understand the problems that users face when conducting iterative or complex searches.

Complex research is a multi-step, iterative process that includes broadening your knowledge of the domain, identifying new search paths, focusing the search, and selecting a few specific results. Iterative Search is a research tool that supports the common behavior for which it is named after, and suggests contextually appropriate directions to pursue.

Get more done in less time with fewer, but better results.

Meet the Team

Our Mission is to develop a better way to manage complex search projects by providing users easier ways to flag, highlight and annotate their search process.

Our Vision is to reduce the frustration in the managing, saving and sharing of search knowledge.  Each user will be able to create search files that encapsulate their work into a body of knowledge that can be shared.

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John Ireland

Founder & CEO/CFO

CEO/CFO, Experienced Executive, MIT MBA, successful growth minded entrepreneur



Larry Marine


Chief Designer, Expert UX and Behavioral Designer, designer of several top performing websites

Mike HS

Mike Kobar


CTO Senior Software Engineer, 30+ years experience in defense, aerospace, telecom and VR/AR, launched 25 plus products

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