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Contact Us Are you a Search Engine?

Iterative Search is developing a search tool that sits on top of search engines and select databases. In the future you will be able to search for images and proprietary datasets with customized APIs.

Can I use this in my business?

You can use Iterative Search for your business. In the future, we plan on customizing the interface for specific industries to make searching relevant content simpler.

Is there a fee for the software?

At this time there is no fee to use the site. However, ads might be present. An ad-free subscription is in the works.

Why are others not doing this?

Because they are focused on features instead of user behaviors. Such as more results faster as opposed to supporting the iteration of a research task

Who are your customers?

Our customers are any individual looking to manage their research

How can I get this tool?

We are currently in beta and testing our tool. Leave your email and we will let you know as soon as it is available.

Can we suggest a feature?

Absolutely. Please go to the Contact Us Page and send us a note.

When can I have this?

When do you want it?