A New Way to Search

Search engine designs have stagnated since their inception 20 years ago. Search tools focus on returning more results, but users want fewer, better results.

Iterative Search is not a new search engine, but an evolved search tool that lays on top of existing search engines and databases and enhances the best parts of the search engine and the browser. Iterative Search modernizes search and is based on user research of typical search behaviors and thus supports natural behaviors something that today’s search engines have failed to meet.

Iterative Search has been diligently conducting field testing and research in multiple verticals and has had nothing but positive responses. This includes lawyers, researchers, students, and marketing firms.

History, bookmarks, and multiple tabs are poor solutions for common search needs. Users need an evolved search tool designed around the way they perform common searches. The visual design approach of Iterative Search reduces existing cumbersome tasks to single click actions. It also allows users to quickly pick up where they left off, later, without having to rerun a search.

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