Research is Hard,

We make it easy

Search engines are one-and-done. Research is Iterative. 

A series of related searches taking hours, days, weeks, even months. 

How is a research tool different?

The Basics

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Flagging and Annotating

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Why Iterative Search

The right tool makes any job easier. Iterative Search is the right tool for research. It is designed to support research tasks that are ignored by typical search engines. Those are fine for simple searching, but not for complex researching. 

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Who We Are

Iterative Search is a UX focused company that designs products for the way users work instead of forcing users to adapt to the way technology works. We focus on the users and their needs, first, and then design products to fit those needs. 

Complex research is a multi-step, iterative process, that includes broadening your knowledge of the domain, identifying new search paths, focusing the search, and selecting a few specific results. Iterative Search is a research tool that supports the common behavior for which it is named after, and suggests contextually appropriate directions to pursue. 

John Ireland

Founder & CEO/CFO

Experienced Executive, MIT, MBA, successful growth-minded entrepreneur with over 20 years in building businesses. Held positions as CEO, CFO, COO and head of business development. Experienced in application development including SaaS, mobile apps and proprietary value add applications.

Larry Marine


Chief Designer with 30+ years of experience, expert UX and behavioral designer. Designer of several top-performing websites including ProFlowers, FedEx Office, and Vanguard. His designs have influenced the modern standards of the user experience industry. 

Mike Kobar


CTO Senior Software Engineer, 30+ years experience in software development and product and project management. Industries include defense, aerospace, telecom, and VR/AR. Successfully launched 25+ products from enterprise applications to mobile apps. 

Stacy Holtz

Lead Front End Developer

Creative Front-end Developer experienced in designing, developing, and maintaining websites. Experienced in working with multiple CMS platforms along with other web development technologies. 

Our Mission

To develop a better way to manage complex research projects by providing users easier ways to flag, highlight, and annotate their search process. 

Our Vision

To reduce the frustration in the managing, saving and sharing of search knowledge.

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