How Do I find that Page Again?

You found a great page during your search yesterday, but now you can’t find it again.  You can’t remember how you found it and using the History list is arduous, time consuming, and confusing.

Pick Up Where You Left Off

Wouldn’t it be nice to pick up your search where you left off, yesterday, last week, last month? No more having to rerun your search.

Do You Really Want Millions of Search Results?

Google gives you millions of results, but you only want one, the right one. How can I see just the best results instead of all of them?

Iterative Search: Not another search engine, a search aid.

Search engines are all pretty much the same. You enter a keyword and they return results, millions of them, even hundreds of millions of them. How are you supposed to look through them all to find the best results?

Not your Fathers Search Engine

Search has evolved, but search engines have not. Search engine designs have stagnated since their inception over fifteen years ago and focus on returning more results faster.  No one has developed a tool to help manage all of those results.  Users are forced to use other insufficient and ineffective methods such as managing bookmarks, trolling through history, viewing multiple tabs and cutting and pasting to another application.

A Tool Not and Engine

Iterative Search is not a search engine. It is a new tool that lies on top of search engines and databases to provide more useful tools for iterative searching activities. It is designed around the way users conduct typical multi-session searches. It provides features specifically to support the iterative nature of many searches, such as single-click flagging (no more bookmarking), visual history and progressive search paths, picking up where you left off in a previous search session (no more trying to find where you were before), and collaboratively sharing searches with others.

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